Kingfisher's Class

Welcome to Kingfishers Class pages where we hope you will find out all about our Year 1 and Year 2 children and what they have been learning. Kingfishers Class is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class and has 30 children and taught by Miss Bennett and  Mrs Dawson. 

What have Kingfisher's class been up to?

Litter Picking


Kingfisher Highlights 2022

Kingfisher Highlights 2022


Kingfisher Science 2022

Kingfishers trip to the zoo to talk about habitats in science week

Kingfishers visited Howlett's Wild Animal Park as part of their Science unit abut Living Things and Their Habitats. They explored the park's range of animal enclosures including the gorillas, tigers and even elephants! As they went, they learnt about why these animals are being protected by zoos like Howlett's and what humans have done to endanger some of the species. They loved playing in the play area at lunch time and pretending to be cheeky monkeys! To end their day, they had a school talk from one of the zoo keepers about habitats and animal adaptations. What a howling-ly good day they had!'

"Rocking Royals" - Kingfisher Class Full of Britain's Finest

This week Kingfishers have celebrated the end of their British royalty focus by having a whole class Royal theme day. The children were invited to come in dressed as a British monarch that they have studied in school or at home. In class the children have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, King Charles II, Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. 

Royalty for the day

In the morning, the children did some themed writing, pretending they were in Walmer Castle and being waited on by their many servants! In the afternoon, as part of the whole school Christmas crafts afternoon, the children followed a Victorian mince pie recipe to make their own mince pies. The children also got to make their own Christmas cards after looking at some of the very strange ones from the Victorian era. The children now understand where many British traditions come from and why we should be very thankful for our kings and queens from the past and present! ' 

In Kingfishers we have been enjoying planting- we are growing our own Sunflowers and some vegetables. We have been learning all about the different parts of a plant and have been observing them as they grow.

We grew Cress now we are eating it: 

Eating the cress we grew Eating the cress we grew

We are beginning to learn about Space focusing on the book Man on the moon. We will be following Bobs adventures into space and thinking about what it would be like if Kingfisher class went to the moon! 

  Class Collective Worship