Teaching Staff

  Mrs Theaker 

 Miss Deary

 Mrs Bowman 

Image preview Miss Chappell  

Mr Rob McLachlan Mr McLachlan


Miss Thorne Miss Thorne

 Mrs Hopper 


 Mrs Dawson 

 Mrs Weatherhead

 Mr Daly 

  • Mrs Dawn Theaker : Headteacher, Teacher & Learning,Assessment, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Curriculum Support, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium, Health & Safety.
  • Miss Emma Deary:  Year R Ducklings Class teacher, EYFS, Math's Lead, PE Lead, Art & DT, Computing & Designated Safeguarding (DSL).
  • Miss Kaitelyn Chappell: Kingfishers Class Teacher (Years 1/2)  
  • MR Rob McLachlan: Herons Class Teacher (years 3/4), History, Geography.
  • Mrs Vikki Bowman: Swans Class Teacher (years 5/6) , Assessment, English Lead,  Sex & Relationships and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).
  • Mr Edward Greenhalgh: Music


 Mrs Louise Johnson - SENCO                             

(Special educational Needs)



Support Staff

Mrs Caroline Hopper: EYFS TA, Interventions and TA representative & First Aid.

Mrs Jo Dawson:  Year 1/2 TA, Interventions, School Council, Pastoral and DLA.

Miss Chloe Thorne: Year 3/4 TA and Interventions

Mr Phil Daly LSA 1:1

Ms. Lisa Knight: Booster teacher 

Mrs Julie Weatherhead - LSA 1:1

Mrs Tracy Moon - LSA 1:1

Office Staff

 Mrs Sue Hogg: School Administrator

Mrs Michelle Hawker: Office Administrator, Finance Support, Website and Communication


  • Mr. Derek Cullen 

Midday Meals Supervisors

Ms Stella Frost Lunchtime Safeguarding Supervisor

Mrs Callie Carden

Mrs Aureia Shearn

Tracy Moon  Mrs Tracy Moon - Sports MDM


Mrs Helen Mantel


Breakfast Club

Ms Stella Frost