Year 6 Residential (6 images)

Year 6 Residential

Herons Swimming 2019 (11 images)

Herons Swimming 2019

Year 6 SATs are done! (14 images)

Year 6 SATs are done!

School Council (1 images)

Quiet Area

Royal Reward Winners Enclosure! (10 images)

AWARDS 2019 (1 images)


World Book Day 2019 (12 images)

World Book Day 2019

Young Voices 2019 (11 images)

Young Voices 2019

Spelling Bee 2019 (6 images)

Spelling Bee 2019

Ducklings Stay and Play (50 images)

Ducklings Stay and Play

Ducklings & Kingfisher trip to Wingham (33 images)

Ducklings & Kingfisher trip to Wingham

Spiritual / reflective Garden and maze (1 images)

Spiritual / Reflective Garden and Maze

Ducklings & Kingfishers Trip to Deal RLNI (24 images)

Ducklings & Kingfishers Trip to Deal RLNI and litter picking to discuss the damage and dangers plastic can have on the ocean.

Herons class Term 6 2018 (105 images)

Living Eggs The Planetarium Trip and much much more

Herons class trip to Living Land Detling May 2018 (79 images)

Herons class trip to Living Land Detling May 2018

Young Voices 2018 (5 images)

KS2 went to the 02 arena to perform with another 7000 children in the Young Voices Choir.

Easter Celebrations 2017 (6 images)

Easter Celebrations 2017 - Pupils had to run the assault course in order to win their eggs!

Holi Hoiday Celebrations 2017 (11 images)

As part of the learning around other cultures and religions Kingfishers took part in the Holi Holiday celebrations. "Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love".

Music Week March 2015 (4 images)

Red Nose Day 2017 (12 images)

Red Nose Day 2017

Cross Country 2017 (5 images)

Cross Country 2017

World Book Day 2017 (44 images)

The children were given free rein to produce (out of recycled materials) characters from their favourite books.

Garden Development (11 images)

From Planning to Creation!

Kingfishers Collective Worship on Love February 2017 (2 images)

Class led worship around the theme of Love.

Crafternoons January 2017 (20 images)

Opportunity for parents to come in and work alongside children around the themes of our learning powers: Collaborative, Reflective, Creative and Independent.

Nativity 2016 (19 images)

Kingfishers Explorers Autumn 2016 (6 images)

KF class become explorers!

School Election Results (4 images)

At the beginning of June we held our own elections to explore the democratic process. Swans Class produced parties and manifestoes and children were invited to be part of the electoral role. We then held a vote and the Ascending Party will be running the school on the 14th of July.

Camp night 2016 (3 images)

The School annual camp night. Ann opportunity for the families at Sholden School to come together, in a safe and relaxed environment.

Summer Fete 2016 (47 images)

the School summer fete in 2016 was 'traditional English Tea party'

Herons trip to Reculver May 2016 (43 images)

Queens 90th Birthday 10th June 2016 (16 images)

The Children sit down and enjoy a traditional street party.

Maths Week May 2016 (123 images)

A variety of activities in which maths skills are used, some without even realising it.

Maths Fete 2016 (7 images)

At the end of the Maths Week children had the opportunity to try using maths in a real situation. The children had made a range of stalls and used skills such as selling and buying, costing, profit making, calculating change etc

Sports Relief 2016 (8 images)

Poetry Festival March 2016 Herons Class (4 images)

Club Cuckoo (71 images)

After School club (wrap around)

Young Voices (14 images)

Young Voices 2016

Trip to Gurdwara in Gravesend June 2014 (40 images)