English - Curriculum Map

Ensuring your child has the strongest opportunities for the future, all children are introduced to early reading and writing skills during their time in Reception and we see massive leaps in their abilities. 

In Ducklings class we use Phonics Play & Letters and Sounds to help children to  sounds this enables your child to develop a strong understanding of phonics and as a result become a competent reader, speller and writer.

World Book Day   WORLD BOOK DAY 

Your child is also encouraged to develop a love of reading with structured books that encourage your child’s reading and comprehension to grow. 

For more information on the English curriculum please follow this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-english-programmes-of-study/national-curriculum-in-england-english-programmes-of-study

Reading Lists Pages 84-91

Books for topics