Residential 2016

July 2016 - Update 4

Last day at Bewl 

Again another slap up breakfast same as: egg, toast, fried bread, tomatoes, beans, hash browns, tea, juice etc etc. 
Team Turnip and Team Badger swapped some adults today and swapped activities from the previous day. This meant the Turnips were sailing all day and the Badgers were raft building and working on the low ropes. 
The sailors started with a gentle breeze, which by the afternoon had increased to quite a strong breeze. We had some capsizes, some collisions, lots of challenges and a mixture of fun and nerves! Some of them loved it, some not so, but they all tried it.
The raft builders built HMS Waffle, which came with a missile launcher - barrel release - and Mrs Hogg's spectacular fall from the back of the raft while doing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. This earned the one extra point which was enough to beat Team Turnip into second place.
In the evening we had a powercut which meant a buffet dinner - sausage rolls, cold meats, mash, beans and sweet corn.
We then went to the park and played on the slides, swings, played man hunt and football. 
The highlight of the day for many of the children was the visit of Mrs Bowman. 
One more morning and we are heading back.
Lots of fun and tired children - ) 



June 2016 - Update 3

Update 3

This morning we had another delicious fry up with plenty of fresh juice to wash it down. Some groups woke as early as five to tidy their rooms! (All voluntary, ha ha) All rooms now look great and surprisingly smell fresh. Random room inspections will continue.

We then split into our groups to start an action packed morning of sailing or raft building. During the morning the wind picked up resulting in some children getting very wet!

 Group pick

First, Team Turnip worked in teams to design their raft. These ideas were combined and the children managed to build an extremely successful raft that kept afloat. They were very proud of their efforts. Casey: ' The best thing is, we actually built this Mrs Abbott'. Paddling against the wind was very tough, but we enjoyed the challenge and paddled back to shore without falling off. 

Will it float  Ready Floating


We returned to the common room ready for lunch. Yet another fantastic lunch was provided. Plenty of meats, cheese and salad was eaten by us all. Soup was given to the sailors to warm up them up so that they were ready to sail again in the afternoon. 


In the afternoon, Team Turnip ventured into the woods for low rope challenges. The children loved this task as we had to work together to solve some really tough challenges. Our favourite part was when we had to use pulleys and a hook to carefully pick up different weights. Luca and Casey were excellent leaders and successfully instructed the group. 


Team work                              Team work 1


Team work 2  Cristle Maze Team work 3



For dinner we had a tasty roast chicken meal, followed by Morgan's birthday cake. All children then got ready for bed. I checked for wet towels to make sure all children had showered. Some did not think they needed one even though we had been in the reservoir! 

DVD night with popcorn is about to follow.....


June 2016 - Update day 2 

Today we had a massive breakfast - cereal, toast, OJ, AJ, and a cooked breakfast! Bacon, hash browns, egg, tomatoes, and much more. We were stuffed.


At the beginning of the day we split into two teams: Team Badger and Team Turnip ( Mr Owen's choices!) Badgers went SUPPING - stand up paddle boarding - one of the first tasks was to fall off backwards into the water which everyone loved. We then spend the next few hours learning how to stand and paddle - turn etc.

Paddle Boarding  Paddle Boarding  

Turnips had a go at mountain biking - mud was everywhere - face, legs, hands etc. They travelled quite far about 4 miles in total there and back. 

Group Bike ride  


In the afternoon we swapped round - everyone had a great time. Mrs Abbott cycled into a tree, Mr Owen was showing off pulling a wheelie and ended up in a ditch and again everyone was covered in mud! 


Dinner was again a feast - chicken curry, chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce. Yum yum yum yum! 

Choc Pud Seren
Movie night and popcorn tonight. Tomorrow sailing and raft building.

"We got soaked stand up paddle boarding and extremely muddy mountain biking.  We watched a film and because it was Morgan's birthday, we had cake and sweets. It was a great second day!"


 June 2016 - update 1
We arrived at Bewl Water at about 11:00. We were a little early so we went to the adventure playground for about 30 minutes where there's an enormous slide. Mrs Hogg showed us how to use the monkey bars!!!!!!!!!!


After a banquet lunch: jacket potatoes, beans, cheese, chicken soup, rolls, salad, chicken, yogurt, fruit we went on our first adventure.

Dinner         Views   

Team Badger ( Mrs Abbott and Mr Owen) went for a 2 mile walk learning about the reservoir and the local area - a few people decided they would fall over which was quite funny! When we got to the meeting point the other group - Team Turnip ( Mrs Hogg and Miss Knight) were already there having canoed across.


The teams swapped round and Mr Owen and Mrs Abbott sat at the back of the canoes for a leisurely ride back. Little did they know that Olivia was intent on getting them wet. By the time we got back to shore the whole of Team Badger were soaked. lily Ella decided to complain about something so she was dunked in the water he he he.

Back at base we completed our diary entry for the day and were going to watch the football.... Technical issues prevented us but by all accounts that was no bad thing! Brexit 1 - Iceland 2 we hear!


We had another banquet - see photos - garlic bread, lasagne, rice, chilli, bread, salad, apple crumble - we don't need the snack our parents sent us with they cried.

Jessica           Dinner             Dinner
On the whole a successful nights sleep although as it is 6:00am and I have been up since 4:40 I'm not sure I would agree! See other photo

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