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16th November 2018

Prayer –

Lord Jesus, we know that you love every one of your children.  Please comfort those who are sad, heal those who are ill, protect those in danger, strengthen those whose families are in difficulty, and meet the needs of those who don’t have enough money.


Theme Choose respect

Dear Parents,

What a busy few weeks we have had! Last week we had our remembrance service at St Nicholas Church which was an extremely moving service.  We were so proud, as our children, some as young as four, showed the deepest reverence for fallen soldiers. 

The children read poems and prayers, that were written both by themselves and famous poets.  The church looked beautiful, adorned with the children's artwork. A massive thanks was given by Mr Sullivan in the Sunday remembrance service at St Nicholas church for all the children's hard work.  

This week Sholden took part in Parliament Week – looking at British Values of Democracy and voting; respect, laws and our freedoms.

Ducklings class

This week Ducklings have been learning about our British Values. We have been voting for our favourite toys etc. alongside several stories which centred on making democratic decisions.

Ducklings were also lucky enough to have a visit from a Policeman who told the children about his role in upholding our values to keep us safe.

The children had great fun painting pictures of Pudsey Bear and learning about what values he represents. 

Kingfishers class

In Kingfishers this week we have been focusing on ‘Houses of Parliament’ week- the children have been recognising the importance of having a voice and their roles and responsibilities in society which linked into the British Values and Democracy. The children had their own polling station where they voted for two new school councillors. The children have also been exploring the weather and changes across the seasons in Science.

Herons class

Herons have been discussing democracy and voting. We held our own election for school council representatives.  We learned about the role of government, parliament and the Monarch as well as different chambers. 

Swans class went as far as forming political parties, making campaign broadcasts, researching key issues both locally and globally, holding an election and then created leaflets to help make a change in our school.

Swans debate   

    Children in Need and Anti Bullying Week - 

   Children in need          children in need                       Thank you for all your support we raised a fantastic £100.20p

   children in need         children in need


Sholden School will not tolerate bullying and we encourage every child to work within the schools values of Kindness, Forgiveness, courage and Love.


Please keep an eye on the website for future updates on the process of Academisation.  These are now available on the school website:

Please find below the links to correspondence between KCC's Keith Abbott Director - Education Planning and Access and DEALT:

  1. Letter from Keith Abbott Kent Council - 17th July, 2018
  2. Response to Keith Abbott 24th July, 2018
  3. Second response to Keith Abbott 5th September, 2018

Governor Communication

The Governors Strategy Committee met recently to discuss and plan the school’s primary aims & ambitions.

Governors heard the latest position regarding the on-going academisation process which is continuing as Governing Bodies from all 7 schools involved in DEALT agreed to continue with the proposal.

A programme of Governor training is being organised and implemented. School monitoring by Governors is also being given more emphasis around the School Improvement Plan. The school is working towards GDPR compliance. There is a continuing programme of review of school policies

Attendance Facts:  Did you know?

  • Attending school every day = 100% attendance
  • Attending 4.5 days a week = 90% attendance
  • Attending 4 days per week = 80% attendance
  • An average attendance of 80% or less across your child’s school career results in your child missing 2 years from school.
  • Being late for school reduces learning time: If your child is 5 minutes late for school every day your child will lose 3 days of learning each year.
  • 15 minutes late every day = 2 weeks of learning lost each year

The vast majority of our families achieve an attendance level of at least 96%*, however, where families do not achieve a satisfactory level of attendance we will discuss this with you and see how we can support you to improve.

Poor punctuality is not acceptable. The school day starts at 8.55am and we expect your child to be in class at that time. If your child is late at the start of the day they will miss the morning routine and the start of Phonics or Spelling.  This is unsettling and embarrassing for the child and distracting for the class.

We do appreciate that children get ill from time to time – but there are primary schools in the UK achieving an overall level of attendance as high at 98% - well above the national average. We hope you can support us in achieving our target — we can only do it with your support!

  • An attendance rate of 96% equates to approximately 8.5 days absence per academic year.

Lots of people think that missing the odd day at school here and there can’t do much harm. But even taking a short amount of time out can be a problem. Your child might fall behind in their work and not be able to catch up. If there are gaps in their knowledge, they will suffer when school assessments come around.

There could be other problems too. Children who miss school are missing out on the social side of things, which affects their ability to make and keep friends.


Of course, there will be times when your child has to miss school for a good reason. If your child needs time off you need to ask the schools permission as far in advance as possible.

When is it ok for your child to stay away from school?

  • Illness – If your child is genuinely ill then, of course, they will need to remain at home. Please contact the school office to let them know. If you are unsure as to whether your child can attend school, please contact your doctor or speak to the school office.
  • Medical appointments - try to avoid medical appointments during school time, or make them as close to the end of the school day as possible, naturally there will be times when this isn’t possible, but try to give us as much advance warning as possible.
  • Bereavement of a close family member – we will want to make sure that the staff and pupils act sensitively with your child on return.


  • Holidays – only in exceptional circumstances will term time holidays be authorised by the school. It is not a right to take your child on holiday during term time and parents who choose to ignore unauthorised holiday/leave requests are not supporting their child, the school and may be liable for a fixed penalty from the Local Authority. School attendance is important because the law requires it. As a parent you are legally responsible for making sure your child gets a full-time education. This means registering a child at school and making sure they attend regularly. Please see the school attendance policy on the website for further details.
  • Birthdays - your child should still attend school, even if it is their birthday.
  • Shopping – or any other activity for which there is no serious reason for your child to be away from school.


Often a child will wake up in the morning saying that they feel tired and/or unwell. Whilst we do encourage children to come to school even if they ‘feel a little unwell’ we do not want any child who is genuinely ill to come to school. Always try and send your child to school if they are a little ‘under the weather’ for example with a runny nose, head-ache, tummy ache. The school will always contact you if your child is unwell which is why it is vitally important that we have your correct contact details.

HOWEVER, please do not send your child to school if they have any infectious illnesses like chicken pox, measles etc. Medical confirmation from your doctor will ensure your child’s absence is authorised. If your child has been vomiting or is suffering from diarrhoea then they must stay away from school for 48 hours from the last bout of illness. This is to ensure that any infection does not spread through the school.

To reinforce attendance awareness, we will be issuing all parents/carers with a termly attendance report for their child/children.  Attendance that is between 96 – 100% is the aim and therefore any attendance below 96% will be analysed further and in most cases there will be a genuine authorised reason which will be treated sympathetically.  Where there are concerns, then parents will be contacted further to discuss ways that we, as a school, can support them to improve their child/children’s attendance and their right to a full time education.

School Places available

Places are limited across the school but we currently have a place in year 3, year R and year 6.  Please let any interested parents know and we will offer a tour around our wonderful school

Places for 2019

We have organised all of our parent tours for our 2019 intake, which are available on the website. If you should know anyone looking for school places for September for Year R – please do let them know.

You must apply online for your child’s place, even if you have a sibling already at Sholden School.

Awards – These awards will be handed out on Monday 19th during collective worship.

Golden Table

KS1 -Henry L, Frankie, Georgia, Skyla, Elizabeth, Fay

KS2 - Alann, George B, Oliver, Harry, George C and Andrew

 Headteacher’s award

  • Alice for excellent use of adjectives in her writing this week.
  • Thora for excellent use of adjectives in her writing this week
  • Alfie & Lewis – for great political campaigning
  • Ruby T- Displaying kindness to others in class
  • Seren M – for excellent writing

Spiritual Council

The Art competition that took place in school around the children’s interpretation of Jesus was won by:

  • Harriet H, Georgina, Bea, Gabriel, Chloe, Maelys and Felicity.


Mr Rainer is leading a new playground competition with the aspiration that the children’s imaginations can become a reality. 

The concept is to engage the children around physical activity in school that incorporates both play and healthy exercise.  

Useful Dates – these are always on the school calendar

  • Parent workshops for English and Literacy are planned for 26th and 29th November – More information to follow.
  • Friday 30th November -Collective Worship – St Nicholas Church
  • Thursday 6th December - Panto trip
  • Friday 7th December – Christmas jumper day - bottle donation to FOSS
  • Friday 7th December –Swans class Collective Worship @ St Nicholas Church, 2.30pm
  • Monday 10th December @ 1.30 – Nativity dress rehearsal – St Leonards Church
  • Tuesday 11th December @ 6pm Nativity   - St Leonards Church
  • Wednesday 12th December – Christmas dinner & Christmas Jumper day – just for fun.
  • Friday 14th December – FOSS Christmas Fete
  • Wednesday 19th December – last day of term.

Useful Dates – these are always on the school calendar which is updated weekly.



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