Academy Consultation -

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We close today for the Summer holiday.  We will not therefore be issuing any further information about the proposal to convert to academy status and establish DEALT until September.  We have already published dates in September when parents are invited to come and discuss specific aspects of the proposal. We wish all pupils and parents an enjoyable break. 23.07.2018


Proposal for Sholden CE Primary School to convert to Academy status as a part of the Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust which is a formalisation of a current collaboration with Deal Learning Alliance.

Proposal and Invitation - Please see a copy of letter provided to parents/carers on 25th April 2018.

An invitation to a meeting on 14th May for parents/carers to learn more about this proposal and for parents/carers to ask questions was also included in this letter. A reminder of the meeting time was also written on the blackboard by the school gate.

The proposal letter also invites parents/carers to email us with any questions or comments, or to complete the green consultation form which was attached and return to the school.


Parent/Carer Presentation and question and answer session 14th May 2018

Please see copy of Governors’ Presentation for consultation.


A total of 13 parents attended this session and a summary of the frequently asked questions both at this meeting, and also across all 7 schools in the proposal, has also been added herewith.


Parent Questions

We have already published some of the frequently asked questions on our website. Please do email in any further questions or fill in the green consultation form with your views, comments or any further questions and return to us by Friday 25th May 2018. These will also be published anonymously, with answers, on our school website.